West Wales Sheds

Over the last 9 months, men2men has brought together a number of passionate volunteers, community champions and town councils to create a number of thriving, independent men's sheds in Cardigan, Hakin and Burry Port.


We are currently supporting men in Kilgetty, Tenby  and Llandeilo to establish constituted groups of their own, to develop hubs through which local men and the community can be become involved.

We are looking for new areas to help bring men together, to first of all explore how a shed might help men interact in their area and what it might look like. We encourage men from the various sheds we have helped set up to interact and cross share ideas and skills, so strengthening the mens sheds movement in West Wales.


If you are interested in creating a men's shed in your town contact us.



Cardished is a well resourced men's shed, offering a wide variety of turning, woodworking, pyrography, canoe building, guitar, drumming and music workshops.

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 the shed and beyond

Pembrey and Burry Port's Mens Shed

A new and thriving collective of passionate men, meeting weekly to try out different activities, from fishing to metal detecting, to restoring community resources, such as notice boards and clocks.

Great sense of humour!!

Hakin and hubberston men's shed

A new, weekly meeting, highly active in the community mens sheds, from making curries to bread, to creating benches and hardscaping for the community.

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