men2men Wellbeing Hubs

Over the last 12 months, men2men has brought together a number of passionate volunteers, community champions and town councils to create a number of thriving, independent well being hubs in Cardigan, Hakin,  Carmarthen and Kilgetty. Each will have a men's shed where men can work together and build up a support network. Some men need other forms of wellbeing support, such as 1:1 sessions, men's sharing circles and counselling. Some men benefit from working outdoors so we are also developing woodland therapy centres close to each men's shed, so that men can move between them to improve their wellbeing. 

We're supporting men in Burry Port, Tenby, and Llandeilo to establish constituted groups of their own, to develop wellbeing hubs through which local men and the community can be become involved. There will be a main wellbeing hubs in each county in West Wales with a well resourced shed and access to a woodland therapy centre. 


There are links below to the hubs and men's sheds listed. If you need further information or want to set up a men's shed or hub click here and send us a message.


A well resourced well being hub attracting 70+ each month!

  • wood turning and working 

  • pyrography, canoe building, guitar, drumming and music

  • Women's workshops

  • Woodland Activties

  • f.f.i. click here 


Exciting new wellbeing hub in Carmarthen

  • Weekly  activities offered at the Quay Centre in Carmarthen

  • Small Town jobs each week

  • Woodlands activties nearby

  • New workshop in March 2022

  • F.f.i. click here

  • Supported by Carmarthen Town Council

The Shed and Beyond

Model men's shed in Pembrey and Burry Port

  • Highly active autonomous mens shed

  • Meet every Thursday for activties

  • Carry out community jobs in the area

  • Working towards having a workshop

  • F.f.i. click here

Hakin and Hubberston Men's Shed

Highly active group of men

  • Highly active autonomous mens shed

  • Meet weekly

  • Carry out community jobs in the area

  • Working towards having a workshop

  • Setting up a weekly men's sharing circle

  • F.f.i. click here


CardiShed Cardigan

CardiShed has a well resourced workshop at its heart, with access to nearby woodland actvities


Hakin and Hubberston
Mens Shed

An active men's shed offering a range of weekly activities in and around Hakin


Llandadog and Llandeilo 

A growing group of men meeting weekly to bake and enjoy other activities




HwbTwyiHub is developing activities rapidly in Carmarthen Town and Woodlands nearby.


Shed and Beyond
Pembrey and Burry Port

A really friendly bunce of guys offering weekly activities on a Thursday in and outside.


men2men music groups 
Milford, Hakin, Tenby

We support musicians coming together to practice and form bands in Milford, Hakin and Tenby.