CardiShed Open Day!

We had our first open day in CARDISHED. It was lovely to see a lot of local people curious, of which 17 EAGERLY signed up for woodturning workshops starting next week. We'll probably have to run two 4 weekly woodturning courses to start us off!!

Plus more people have offered workshops and materials: Such as blanks for Geofs walking stick making workshops!!

Thanks to Pete Collins and Dean White (he traveled by bus and train from Llanelli) who helped get our workshop ready yesterday and engaged with lots people today.

Great to see more of the machinery working!

The highlight of the day was the really engaging woodturning demonstration Jason Wilkins put on, yeah, its addictive!!

Four happy people turned a bowl, mushrooms and cylindrical box. They have all signed up with others for courses. Well done Jason!

We will post a timetable of events and workshops next week on Cardished website including: drumming, singing, woodturning, DIY, open canoe making workshop and more ...

We engaged with a lot of women too today eager to learn skills. Yeah!!

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