Men's Sharing Groups Go Live

"When one man, hears another man talking about something sensitive, or even taboo, it's powerful and permissive, inviting other men to share!"

men2men have created a simple, safe framework to bring men together in a group experience, where they feel able to talk about how they really are and in so doing invite other men who are listening to talk similarly about themselves.

From the initial check in round, the sharing deepens in the second round, as men take more time to explore how they really are. Hearing other men talk in this way, is often new for some men, moving and encouraging them to share likewise. Its cathartic and connects men more deeply with who they are, what matters in their lives and with other men. The closing round draws on what has been said before men move back out in to their lives.

Our online groups have now been joined by our first small group of men meeting indoors, with Public Health Wales Guidance. As lockdown eases we will begin to start more groups in places like Carmarthen and outdoors too! To join a group contact men2men.

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