Woodland Therapy at Ffwrdgain woods

We are delighted to announce we are starting to work with the owners Zyg and Jeanne in the sensitive development of their woodlands, Ffwrdgain near Carmarthen.

Each weekly 6 hour session starts with an hands-on activity, such as building a camp kitchen, compost toilet, woodland management, planting trees and some old breed pig husbandry..

Lunch is cooked over an open fire, bread is made and the meal eaten whilst each man is able to talk about themselves and their lives, in a sharing circle.

An afternoon session will continue the woodland work.

We are looking to create the first group of men interested in working outdoors.

We will ask you may be interested in doing and include other activities such as spoon carving, photography and nature study sessions.

If you are interested please contact us first of all to talk the project and how you might benefit from it.

Mobile 07577117967 or email us at

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