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The Hangout
Garnant, Ammanford

Tuesday at The Hangout

men2men are delighted to have started working in partnership with a small equine therapy charity in the heart of the Amman Valley. It's a great way of developing some of this charity's goals whilst creating caring and interesting activity days for our men!

We meet every Tuesday between 10 and 3pm. We have a welcome sessions, checking in how we are briefly, before starting the morning session. Activities range from land management jobs on the small holding, to making rustic stools. Fred Luckman who offers ecotherapy days there, where men draw on nature to reflect on their own lives and identify areas for change.

We always cook a great lunch over a fire and have a mens sharing circle where we can talk ore deeply about how we are, one man listening to another, creates an inviting space for men to feel safe to talk and in the process improve how they feel about themselves.

We then have a 2nd afternoon session.

Fred has recently been joined by Dominic Evans who will be offering all kinds of interesting workshops every other Tuesday!!

Please let us know if you are coming!

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