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About Us

men2men is evolving rapidly from its early days in 2020. We're passionate about the need for men to have much better resources to connect with other men, particularly when isolated or struggling mentally and spiritually. We are keen to create dialogue between men, and then between men and their community about the many issues men face today!

In July 2023 we secured a new Hywel Dda Health board contract securing our service for the next four years! We are continueing to engage new men as staff on the team and broaden our range of skilled volunteers to support our many groups

We've worked extensively for our local community and offer a broad range of complementary skills and huge shared passion to help men2men flourish!

Fred Luckman
men2men Project Coordinator

Community trainer, groupworker, therapist, carpenter and lover of the outdoors

From a life in engineering, I became an integrative therapist and group facilitator, helping people make changes in how they lived. I love working with wood and have spent 20 years building, creating community projects and working with challenged people. I run DIY training workshops for women, have a thriving male therapy practice and now men2men!! I am also a hands on father, love dancing and nature!!

M 07577117967


Jason Daniels

Carmarthenshire Area Coordinator

Woodworker, Woodturner and Group leader.


My working career for the last several years has been in the health and social care sector, working with adults with mental health issues and learning disabilities.

I quickly realised I enjoyed working with people, but hated working with labels, I see all humans for them and not diagnosed labels.

During my time working as a healthcare professional, I developed a passion for wood, working with wood, and working in nature.

Now I have my own woodworking business and also work with men2men. I have the delight of sharing my knowledge of woodwork and creating safe places for men to share their thoughts and feelings in nature.

I have a profound love for trees and water sources, a passionate father and lover of life.


MOBILE : 07776730690

Peter Colling
men2men Chairperson
I am retired, and have worked as a builder, catering manager, and mental health charity coordinator and support worker, with experience of coaching and empowering in those roles. I enjoy hillwalking, sailing, table tennis and singing with a local choir. I feel that doing the best we can, and being the best we are is easy to say, but bringing men together to share and support each other can help us all progress

Mobile 0751 2716451

Matt Hatter
CardiShed Project Coordinator

Matt joined our team in January 2023 as the CardiShed project coordinator and is driving forward the development of this rich community resource.
He has a background in Sustainable Woodland Management and over a decade of experience teaching therapeutic greenwoodwork. 

He has run a variety of projects working with diverse groups of people; school children, ex-offenders, people working through periods of substance abuse and acute mental health issues. 
He has seen first hand the benefits that can be gained through creativity in a caring and nurturing environment.

M 07910517514

Charles West
Pembrokeshire Area Co-ordinator

We are delighted that Charles has now been a staff member for over a year and conyinues to do an amazing job developing our services in Pembrokeshire.

He specialises in setting up and running men's sharing circles, offering 1:1 support and developing the new men's hub in Haverforwest, Haverhub!.

He has recently completed his 3 years training as a counsellor and is looking to introduce some counselling work into the men2men service.


He is also a very keen musician and set up and has been running the music groups in Hakin and Milford for nearly two years now!

Contact Charles on 07719880456


Dominic Evans
Part Time Workshop Facilitator

We are excited at the prospect of extending further work to Dominic during 2023. He is a gifted craftsperson and technician who seems able to do pretty much anything. He's worked alongside our mens projects in Cwmamman and is now facilitating occasional Tuesday men's groups at the |Hangout!

He has been working in design and manufacture for 8 years with experience ranging from traditional crafts to modern 3d design and computer aided manufacture. 


His interests in making are extensive and eclectic, but his favourite projects involve making tools and machines to use or restoring original tools back to useable condition. 


On the odd occasion where Dom isn't making things,  he may be found reading historical texts on manufacture and design, faffing around on a flight simulator or tending to his herd of guinea pigs. 


From the moment we engage with men referred to us, we seek to see what they can offer other men, rather than what we can do for, or to them. Its a successful formula, creating and reinforcing a sense of confidence and achievement in themselves.

Our groups are developing quickly across all three counties and rely upon volunteers engaging in roles they enjoy and are committed to.

There are too many to mention here! But by example Dean White our longest serving volunteer has become a lynch pin in two or our main groups, HwbtwyiHub
 and Ffwrdgain and is now an acomplished group facilitator and wood carver. Thank you Dean and to all the other volunteers who make men2men possible

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